Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property includes creativity concepts, inventions, industrial models, trademarks, songs, literature, symbols, names, brands among others. Intellectual Property Rights allow the owner of these rights to benefit from his product, that is, an idea that developed and crystallized. They also entitle him to prevent others from using, dealing or tampering with his product without his prior permission.

We provide legal services to clients ranging from large multinational companies, through to SMEs, start-ups and individual inventors. Our aim is to protect, manage, exploit, enforce and defend intellectual property rights of our clients

Our legal practice in Intellectual Property Rights covers the following areas:
  •  Anti-counterfeiting
  •  Copyright and database rights
  •  Design rights to protect creative investment
  •  Commercial agreements and litigation measures
  •  Patent litigation
  •  Trademarks and brands
  •  Domain name
  • We provide advisory services!
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