ICT / Broadcasting / Telecommunications Litigations

We practice ICT / Broadcasting / Telecommunications laws generally. We handle ICT, Broadcasting and Telecommunications issues for both individuals and companies. We provide legal services to mobile and fixed line telecommunications companies, broadcasters, IT companies, internet service providers and content providers.

We provide advice and represent litigants in ICT/Broadcasting/Telecommunications matters, from appeals under the ICT law, Broadcasting law and Telecommunication laws through damages actions and applications for injunctions in the Supreme Court, to judicial review challenges of regulatory decisions.

Our legal practice in ICT / Broadcasting / Telecommunications Litigations covers the following areas:
  •  2G, 3G and 4G mobile networks
  •  Broadcasting/telecommunications convergence
  •  Bundling of TV/telecoms services
  •  Business direct exchange lines services
  •  Consumer issues in telecommunications services
  •  Contractual issues in telecommunications services
  •  Internet services
  •  Internet and e-Commerce fraud
  •  Intellectual Property Rights
  •  VoIP (voice over internet protocol)
  •  Cybersecurity
  •  Data protection, privacy and cybersecurity
  •  Internet and e-Commerce fraud
  •  Cybercrimes
  • We provide advisory services!
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